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Behind The Brand

Two women, a community, a family, and a dream! 

As friends for over 20 years, born and raised in Black communities in Harlem and Brooklyn, and recently relocated to the vibrant city of New Orleans, where creativity and diversity lived at the heart of the city; Krystle and Terri sought to build a community where creative energy thrives. MKT Group began as a combined dream to contribute to the development of strong communities by creating opportunities to generate wealth and capacity development. Our plan was to do the hard work of building a platform that we could use to provide information and create opportunities for the communities from which we came.

Their Motivation


After establishing our company and building our vision, we were presented with an opportunity to bring a collective dream to life! A space for art, artists, and entrepreneurs. 

The Vision


Our vision for The New|New MKT (The New York|New Orleans Market) is a creative co-working space and marketplace for artists and makers. As hand-crafted makers and creatives ourselves, we recognized the need for a designated and flexible workspace for those who have artistic hobbies they are passionate about, to those who need production space for their small businesses. In addition to having a place to craft, artists will also share a marketplace that will display their creations.

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